"We Are Holding All The Cards," the founder of Cardano tells ADA critics.


ADA is best positioned for future development, according to creator Charles Hoskinson, despite Cardano suffering significant blowback from market detractors.Founder of Cardano We Are Holding All The Cards, We Say To ADA Critics

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Charles Hoskinson has delivered detractors of Cardano a new message.
This action follows this weekend's fierce community pushback.
According to Hoskinson, Cardano is now holding the cards for expansion.

The outspoken creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has addressed the barrage of negative remarks that the network's native token has lately been subjected to from detractors as the new week gets underway.

Celebrates Cardano's Milestone, Charles Hoskinson

Ben Armstrong, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, was one to criticize, claiming that ADA is no longer relevant. Ben reportedly dumped his "mismanaged" ADA staked pool before making this claim, according to Stake With Pride. Hoskinson sought to dispel misunderstandings regarding the network by correcting the record in reaction to the Cardano criticism.

First of all, he told his fans on X that Cardano, as an ecosystem, had all the cards. According to him, the Cardano blockchain offers the greatest route for innovation, scalability, and governance. Hoskinson also recognized the community's contribution to the blockchain's success.

With an eye on altering the Cardano blockchain trajectory, Cardano scheduled the release of the Plutus V3 development tool and the Chang hardfork for the first quarter of this year. The Chang Hardfork is more than just an update; it marks a significant turning point in ADA's development of full community governance.

It also corresponds with Cardano's grandiose 2024 goal, as stated in the CIP-1694 proposal, and ushers in the Voltaire period.

On the other hand, the Plutus V3 update is anticipated to increase demand for ADA and enhance network performance on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) architecture. This would be accomplished by enabling developers to design more complex smart contracts with improved speed, throughput, and size optimization through the introduction of new primitives and tools.

Cardano's Research Capability

According to a Cardano fan, its support for the Zero-Knowledge proofs (ZKP) opens the door for privacy-enhanced solutions and compatibility with partner chains like Midnight. Remarkably, in February Plutus V3 was eventually made available for SanchoNet testing.

The founder of Cardano said that the Chang update is imminent, alerting the community on what to expect in light of the developments on SanchoNet. According to research, Hoskinson pointed out that Cardano has produced up to 209 readily translated articles.

"The issue facing our sector is that we allow circus barkers and fleeting storylines to control the dialogue. AI faces the same problem. Hoskinson said, "Open AI ruled everything a few months ago, then came Claude 3, Grok 1.5, and eventually Llama 3. 


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