Elon Musk Is Going To Use Grok-Powered AI News To Repurpose X


Elon Musk wants to use Grok Chatbot to turn the social media platform X into a news summary source.


  • Elon Musk wants to incorporate the X News section.
  • The billionaire intends to use Grok AI to support the action.
  • Unknown when this significant update will happen


The owner of X, Aeon Musk, allegedly wrote American journalist and Big Technology creator Alex Kantrowitz about his intentions to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) news via the social media network. He asserts that Elon Musk intends to use Grok, X's AI chatbot, to facilitate the integration of AI-breaking news and commentary.

Elon Musk's Grok AI to Be Creatively Used

The reporter added that he attempted to use Grok but found that it was unable to connect to a Time article that it had summarised. He attempted to click inside the article to read more but was unsuccessful, so he contacted Musk instead. In return, Musk let Kantrowitz know about an advanced version he was working on that would soon be released.

The idea is to create a real-time synthesiser that incorporates social commentary on major issues, breaking news, and comments from social media. The compilations will then be printed in real time, with the opportunity to delve more through discussion.

According to reports, Musk told Kantrowitz, "The news summary will update to include that information as more information becomes available." "To provide the most timely and accurate information possible while citing the most important sources is the goal," the statement reads.

While the American journalist believes this won't be an easy assignment, he also believes that the bot's access to the "X firehose" will make it a unique news product. Grok AI's current features include social reaction integration into its summary and a running list of headlines.

Musk Is Not Going To Face Copyright Lawsuits

Kantrowitz does, however, maintain that Grok can still be enhanced, highlighting issues such as citation and hallucination. Elon Musk's proposed proposal calls for Grok to differ from all other AI news summarizers already in use and likely to be more contentious.

The invention's ultimate goal is to guarantee the contentment of users, publishers, and the platform as a whole.

Musk also plans to centre Grok's summary around discussion of X. Given that it might provide X with some buffer from the publisher litigation that are affecting multiple AI startups, this strategy looks like the best option. Eight newspapers have filed copyright infringement indictments against Microsoft and OpenAI. This is not related to the case that the New York Times filed against both companies.

Regarding the timing and final completion of this integration, no indication was provided in the interim.



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